Slavonian oak is a type of wood which originates in the Balkans. These mighty oaks grow in the forested area which stretches over the border region of Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia, along the banks of the River Sava. This region has optimal climatic conditions to obtain the exceptional quality and beautiful structure of the oak wood. Growth is slow and even. The ground water level is good, the wind amount is favorable and the height above sea levels encourages optimal growth. All this contributes to the characteristics which we appreciate so much : beautiful warm appearance, straight and smooth grain, an even tint and malleability. The wood is also resistant against the effects of varying humidity (shrinkage or expansion) which ensures there is no danger of splits.

The above-named characteristics mean that Slavonian oak is one of the very top woods. There are obvious advantages over Polish or French oak. Polish oak is somewhat tighter and harder which renders it liable to splits, French oak on the other hand is forested in regions relatively close to the sea and is therefore softer and with a less even structure.

However, we should avoid any misunderstanding. These nuances do not affect the high quality of European oak wood in general.