There are many ways of laying a wooden floor. Which particular method is the best for your floor strongly depends on the home situation and needs to be reviewed depending on the floor. The method which is used depends on the under surface, the location and the sort of wood. The person laying may also have a preference.


This is a very reliable method. The boards are fixed in place and it is not possible for them to rise when the wood starts to stretch or shrink.

The boards are nailed to a lattice work of spruce lathes, directly onto the floor lathes or onto a multiplex sub floor. The disadvantage is that the thickness of the floor is increased which can cause problems with existing doors for example. Nailing onto a lathe under floor is the healthiest method for the floor sections, as this allows the wood to breathe.

Floating or laying loosely

Floating is a practical, quick and cheap method for boards which have a tongue and a groove on the head end. The floor sections are placed on a foam underlay in order not to rest directly on the concrete subfloor. Floating means that the boards can move freely sideways but not lengthwise, as the boards must not move in that direction, As mentioned above, this is a cheap and quick method, there is little loss of room height and you can take the floor with you if you move house. The disadvantage is that a board may move out of line.

A floating floor is the most sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. The boards are more liable to stretch or shrink under the influence of summer and winter temperature and whether of not the room is heated.


Gluing is a very satisfactory method on for example, a multiplex subfloor. It is very important never to glue in the tongue and groove. This affects the working of the floor and prevents the boards from stretching or shrinking independently.

Our preference is for a combination of the first and third methods above, nailing and gluing. We apply the appropriate combination depending on the under surface and the existing situation.